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Testimonial for Pond Shock

Pond Shock

I purchased Pond Shock from Riverdale Supply after a very informative conversation with Lynn. I have had Koi for over 20years and the spring set-up can always be a daunting task.
I winter my Koi inside in tanks so moving them back out into the ponds is always a little concerning. Wanting to have the water in the best condition and getting the filtration system up and running with good bacteria for biological filtration is the top priority. I have tried many products over the years to kickstart the process including using mature media from my indoor tanks.

Nothing has compared to Pond Shock the results were amazing! Not only does it provide good bacteria, but the water clarity is perfect. I have never had the pond look so mature so fast. I always trying different ways to improve water clarity…..  this product is the easiest to use and the best results I have ever seen! NO NEW POND SYNDROME!

Thanks again Lynn for the recommendation…. I am telling all my Koi friends in the area about your product.

From a happy Koi Keeper….
Rob Ironside
Red Deer, Alberta
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Stock Tank Defense

Hi Lynne,
Just wanted to tell you how great Stock Tank Defense has been for our horses. Normally if I can’t clean the trough the water gets rancid and the horses drink minimally. In the winter it is impossible to clean the trough as it gets frozen in. This winter I started using Stock Tank Defense tablets.  Wow what a difference!  The horses drank 3 times what they normally do and 2 that were coughing stopped coughing. The Stock Tank Defense tablets completely eliminated the bacteria that make the water disgusting and kept the water sweet tasting for the horses.  All I had to do was throw a tablet in every 2 weeks. My only complaint is that I had to haul the hose out 3 times as much to keep the trough filled. THANKS SO MUCH LYNN!
Martin Paskewitz
St Francois Xavier


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We  carrying quality products that are are CSA approved for Canada. Many of the items have patented designs and lengthy warranties for your piece of mind.

Why Riverdale?

  • Expertise – We can determine the best solution for your problem. We know our product lines, how they work, how to install and maintain and we know many other experts in the industry.
  • Service – We offer fast, friendly service with excellent after sales service. We stand behind what we sell!
  • Quality – We bring quality solutions to the market that may not always cost less but will do the job well.
  • Integrity – We believe in honesty and have built an excellent reputation within the green industry.

Solutions We Provide:

Cast Landscape Lighting – bring some magic to your home or cottage with durable solid sand cast bronze warm LED landscape lighting

Aeration – fine bubble subsurface aeration for lakes, lagoons, retention ponds, garden ponds, farm dugouts. Cost efficient and highly effective solution.

LG Sonic Ultrasound Algae Control – newest technology for controlling algae on lakes and retention ponds. Very effective and safe for the environment

Bacteria – beneficial bacteria that improves water quality in a safe and natural way. Ponds, dugouts, lake shores and more

Commercial Bacteria – EnviroDefense beneficial bacteria and enzymes work to control FOG, COD, BOD, odor, sludge in waste water lagoons and drinking water cells.


We have many items in our warehouse and the details can be found within this website. Please use the search bar on the right to find items that you are interested in. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please call us at 877-745-6898  We are always happy help!

Craftsman Lighting

Impressionist Lighting

Classic Lighting

Water Features – Kits

EcoSeries Fountains

Bubbling Rocks

Pond Treatments

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To maintain a positive reputation within the industry, known for integrity, providing high quality & environmentally friendly products, quick and efficient service and management and providing excellent training and support for all of our customers.






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